You  don't  have to win the lottery or inherit a fortune  from  a
        distant  relative to become wealthy.  The latest scientific  evi-
        dence  suggests that you can do it all by yourself, without  con-
        nections, or vast business experience, or even luck.

         A recent University study of a cross-section of several thousand
        people  revealed something very interesting about  personal  suc-
        cess.  It  concluded  that exceptional gifts,  such  as  talents,
        unique  abilities and intelligence were very equally  distributed
        between  people with high and with average incomes.

        In other words, there is no such thing as an inherited propensity
        toward  success  or wealth. In fact, average and  wealthy  people
        seem to be remarkably similar.

        However,  a handful of slight differences did emerge.   Virtually
        all  of   these differences were confined to behavior  variations
        the one area that psychologists tend to agree is the easiest  for
        us  to  change. To put it another way, the study  would  seem  to
        suggest  that by learning to behave the same way  that   wealthy,
        successful people behave, you can become one of them.

        In  this  extended-play audiocassette presentation, Dr.  Dan  Lee
        Dimke   (who  grew up in the family of  a  self-made  millionaire
        himself) brings a unique, inside perspective to the discussion of
        the Secrets of Wealth and how to master them. You'll discover how
        making  subtle changes in the way that you think, and  plan,  and
        act,  privately as well as in social settings,  can  dramatically
        transform  your income, your personal power, and  your  long-term

        Using a simple method, called the other side of the mirror  tech-
        nique,  you  can  benefit from everything that  happens  to  you,
        whether  it initially appears good or bad.  Using  examples  from
        successful people throughout history, watch this powerful  system
        in action, turning success and adversity into profit. It has been
        used  to amass some of the largest fortunes ever built.  And,  it
        can do the same thing for you, just as reliably, just as certain-
        ly,  just as quickly.  This is the life-altering  technique  that
        will make you rich.

        Learn the most powerful wealth-building technique ever devised.
        Discover the secret of producing runaway prosperity while  enjoy-
        ing  personal happiness. Develop the  unshakable  self-confidence
        you'll need to acquire and hold onto wealth...and more!

        Another  powerful  technique lets you turn the  things  you  like
        doing  most into a virtual money machine that  generates  profits
        for you day and night.

        You'll also learn what some of the most successful men and  women
        in history had to say about money, prosperity, and happiness, and
        how they were able to obtain and keep these precious  commodities
        using a simple formula that you can begin using yourself, today.

        To order your copy of SECRETS of WEALTH, by Dr. Dan Lee Dimke, on
        extended  play audio-cassette, send $19.95 (plus US$2.00  postage
        and handling for FIRST CLASS delivery) postage and handling)  to:

                                 R. Bruce Milne
                             2319 N. 45th. St. #148
                                Seattle, WA 98103

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