AUTHORS IN HISTORY

        Anyone  who has ever finished a manuscript and fired it off to  a
        publisher, in the hope of getting it published, knows that he  or
        she  may  be in for a long wait.   Fortunately,  the  traditional
        pathway  to  becoming a published author isnt the only  way.   In
        fact, it may not even be the best way.  Benjamin Franklin, Ameri-
        cas first self-made millionaire did it almost exclusively through
        self-publishing.   In fact, hundreds of authors, whose names  you
        know, achieved their fame and often fortune as a direct result of
        the their self-publishing efforts. Long before his theories  were
        used to develop Atomic weapons, Albert Einstein achieved interna-
        tional  recognition largely because of  the release of his  self-
        published work on a subject he called, simply, special relativity

        However,  unlike  Einsteinian physics, the  process  of  writing,
        publishing  and marketing a best-selling book or report  is  sur-
        prisingly easy.

        Start  by  using a simple technique that will help you  choose  a
        winning topic that will nearly sell itself. Then, use the Instant
        Authorship  technique to get your manuscript on paper or  into  a
        word-processor  quickly.

        Next,  you'll learn to use simple, but, effective  techniques  to
        get your manuscript into book form, paginated and ready to print.
        Even  the publishing and binding phase is easy when you  use  the
        special  guidelines  that can help you find a  printer  who  will
        slash your printing costs by as much as 80%.  Once in print,  you
        have  a marketable literary commodity that you can sell for  five
        to twenty times your cost.

        Here  is  everything you need to know to self-publish  your  book
        without  borrowing money or taking on partners. Dozens  of  self-
        published authors have already become multi-millionaires offering
        their  book(s)  by  mail nationwide. Mark  Haroldsen,  sold  over
        half-a-million  of his Wealth Formula book at $10.00 each.  Allan
        Wallace's  200-mile-per-gallon  Carburetor  Book  sold  nearly  a
        million copies at $5.95, yet  his cost per copy was as low as  11
        cents. Joe Karbo, Mike DiBiano, Jerry Buchannan, Robert  Collier,
        Edmund Shaftesbury, Ted Nicholas, Melvin Powers, and hundreds  of
        others  have  experienced equal success.
        Dr.  Dan  Lee  Dimke, the author of  Publishing  Prosperity,  has
        written nearly one hundred other printed and recorded works, many
        self-published.  So,  when he shares with you  exactly  how  it's
        done, you can be assured that he knows what he's talking about.

        Learn to Find Hot Topics
        Use Instant Authorship
        Get into print the easy way
        Save up to 80% on printing
        Cut bindery costs by 95%
        Start with very little money
        Earn up to 1000% profit.

        All these people, and many, many more have multiplied  themselves
        through  the power of the printing press to achieve a  life-style
        others only dream of. Use the information in this exciting audio-
        cassette presentation to join their ranks and realize your  goals
        in life by boldly Publishing your way to Prosperity.

        To  order  your  copy of PUBLISHING PROSPERITY, by  Dr.  Dan  Lee
        Dimke,  on  extended  play audio-cassette,  send  US$19.95  (plus
        US$2.00 postage and handling) to:

                                 R. Bruce Milne
                             2319 N. 45th. St. #148
                                Seattle, WA 98103

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