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Just imagine...being able to market hundreds of state-of-the-art information products  worldwide, 24 hours a day, without ever leaving the comfort of home. Imagine accepting orders from customers in more than 140 countries, by mail, phone, fax, e-mail, or the Internet, in almost any form of payment, including all internationally accepted credit cards, without ever handling a single bank transaction yourself. Imagine having each order filled for you automatically by a high-speed computerized merchandise fulfillment center that selects and packages your products, calculates postage and prepares Customs documents to any global location in a microsecond, and sends each shipment to its destination without the need for you to see or touch it. Then, imagine earning up to 50% profit on each of your customer's initial transactions and on every re-order, (the same discount most book, tape and software chain stores receive).
It's not imaginary anymore. With Future World, you can do all this, today. You can begin your own Virtual Information Marketing Business for the cost of a couple pair of Reeboks® and build an international customer base from home in your spare time.
As a Future World Communicator, you introduce potential customers to your merchandise in a variety of easy ways, and Future World does the rest for you. You may choose to communicate by circulating colorful Future World Catalogs, place classified or display advertising, or launch your own direct mail campaign. You may activate a personal Star Gate '" connection to Future World's Internet Showroom, causing everyone you invite to visit it to potentially become your personal Internet customer.
You can also duplicate and distribute unlimited quantities of Future World's new, personalized, digital Catalog on Disk, by easily copying it on your personal computer. Or, you may wish to use more traditional opportunity meeting or party-plan approaches for finding customers. Whatever you enjoy doing and whatever your personality type, there is a Future World marketing method that you can use to achieve success and have fun  at the same time.

Future World Dealership Information and Catalog