Words  can  indeed be powerful. One word, in particular,  may  be
        more  powerful  than all the others. That word is  free.  It  de-
        scribes  a condition everyone wants, yet, almost no one  attains.
        It  changes  our  behavior, our buying decisions.  It  forms  the
        foundation of our spiritual and religious beliefs, and much more.

        Discovering  the biological basis of the power within this  word,
        and learning to use it for your own benefit, can alter your  life
        and your life-style in a dramatically positive way.  Learn how to
        free yourself from unresolved past conflicts, and propel yourself
        forward to an abundant future without limits.

        Next,  unlock the secrets that enhance your  personal  creativity
        and  substantially  increase your  decision-making  and  problem-
        solving  skills.  You can accomplish this with ease, by  using  a
        simple exercise based on the incredible secret behind this power-
        ful word.

        Use  this new-found ability to banish the barriers in  your  life
        and extend your capabilities to whatever level you desire. Promi-
        nent  individuals throughout history have used these  methods  to
        reach almost unimaginable goals. Their accomplishments speak  for

        It's time to fully unleash this power in your life. Learn how  to
        obtain almost anything you can imagine without cost.
        "Not only are the best things in life free, but nearly everything
        else can be free as well.''

        Find  out how you can become a focal point for an endless  stream
        of free products and services from every conceivable source,  and
        even a few inconceivable ones.

        The  approach  isn't  difficult. It's actually  fun.  The  simple
        techniques  you need are clearly explained in  this  fascinating,
        life-changing,  perception-altering, extended-play  audiocassette

        To order your copy of THE FREE PHENOMENON, by Dr. Dan Lee  Dimke,
        on  extended  play audio-cassette, send  US$19.95  (plus  US$2.00
        postage and handling for FIRST CLASS delivery) to:

                                 R. Bruce Milne
                             2319 N. 45th. St. #148
                                Seattle, WA 98103

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