TURN YOUR FAX MACHINE
                              INTO A MONEY MACHINE!

        Everyone  knows what a fax machine is. At least, they think  they
        do.  And, though they seem to be everywhere today, it  has  taken
        150  years  for  them  to gain widespread  acceptance.   Even  as
        recently  as a decade or two ago, faxes were almost unknown  out-
        side banking, newspaper and law enforcement circles.

        But, all that has changed.  Breakthroughs in microchip production
        have  driven  prices so low that nearly anyone can afford  a  fax
        machine. The direct descendant of the fax machine, the  fax-modem
        has become such an integral part of the microcomputer  revolution
        that  if you want to buy a computer today without built-in  elec-
        tronic  faxing capability, you'll have to physically  remove  the
        fax card from your new machine. Every one of them come with it as
        a  standard feature. So, the use and popularity of faxes  is  in-
        creasing  geometrically. Many would insist that those  who  don't
        have fax capability are simply not part of the 20th century. And,
        they  certainly  aren't ready for what's  coming  next.  Because,
        despite  its  wide-scale, global use, perhaps the  most  powerful
        application  of  the fax machine, an amazing capability  that  is
        already  built-in  to more than 200 million stand-alone  fax  ma-
        chines and fax-modem units worldwide, has been almost  completely

        As shocking as this incredible oversight might seem, other commu-
        nications technologies began the same way, without anyone realiz-
        ing  their  true potential...initially. Radio,  motion  pictures,
        television and the telephone each took a quarter century or  more
        to become popular.

        But, in each case, at a critical moment, something happened, that
        triggered  momentous change and began making overnight  fortunes,
        for the inventors of these devices, and for the hundreds of other
        people who discovered a special secret.

        This  secret  the one that you will learn in  this  audiocassette
        presentation  is the key to unlocking the profit potential of any
        new  media.   Once you understand its simple principle,  you  can
        begin  using  this same success formula to unleash  the  fortune-
        making  potential hidden within that fax machine, over  there  on
        your desk.

        In  this  extended-play audiocassette presentation, Dr.  Dan  Lee
        Dimke  will show you how to use this breakthrough fax formula  to
        make money for yourself automatically, while you play, while  you
        sleep,  even while youre on vacation, if you wish.  This  simple,
        yet powerful system will amaze and delight you.  Best of all, you
        can  begin using it for your own personal profit almost   immedi-
        ately.  It's  almost as easy as dialing a phone.  Why  not  begin
        faxing your way to a fortune, today?

        To  order your copy of FAX YOUR WAY TO A FORTUNE, by Dr. Dan  Lee
        Dimke,  on  extended  play audio-cassette,  send  US$19.95  (plus
        US$2.00 postage and handling for FIRST CLASS delivery)  to:

                                 R. Bruce Milne
                             2319 N. 45th. St. #148
                                Seattle, WA 98103


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