Discover the INCOME Potential  Inside YOUR PERSONAL COMPUTER

        Get  ready to profit from a whole new wave of  highly-profitable,
        computer-related  business  that you can operate from  your  home
        with minimal investment.  Software and hardware breakthoughs  are
        your passport to capabilities that science-fiction writers could-
        n't even dream of just a few years ago.

        Learn  where  to  find the most powerful,  popular,  and  easily-
        upgradable  software  for these ultra-cool  applications.   Then,
        turn them  into profit, or dramatically increase your own person-
        al  power and productivity,  Compose and digitally record  entire
        motion  picture sound tracks, electronically publish books,  col-
        lections of photographs, music, sound effects, even movies  right
        on  your own PC, all without ever leaving home.  Just follow  the
        step-by-step publishing instructions, and you can learn to do all
        this, and more.

        Exciting  new developments on the Internet, and particularly,  on
        the  World  Wide Web, are poised to create one  of  the  greatest
        income opportunities of this century. Political borders and other
        business barriers of the past are melting away, making it  possi-
        ble  for  you  to buy and sell and exchange  all  types  of  data
        products with nearly anyone, anywhere in the world  at electronic

        Set  up your own Global Internet Storefront capable  of  reaching
        millions  of potential customers.  These  easy-to-understand  in-
        structions  will show you how to establish your own,  prestigious
        web  site.  You'll also find out how to get a free  copy  of  the
        program that automatically translates ordinary documents, or just
        about  anything  you type, into beautiful,  full-color,  Internet
        Magazines,  complete with pictures and  illustrations.   Actually
        become a World Wide Web Publisher in seven days or less.

        Then,  start using your personal Internet Library Card to  access
        more  than  50 million books, magazines,  reports,  patents,  and
        trade  secrets right from your desktop.  It's like having one  of
        the  world's largest libraries in your own home, complete with  a
        staff of electronic librarians that keep everything organized and
        up-to-date for you  all without cost.

        You'll  also  learn  to unleash one or  several  electronic  web-
        crawling   robots  that  search  the  World  Wide  Web  for   you
        24-hours-a-day,  even when you're off-line, to help you find  the
        hidden or specialized information you're looking for.

        Imagine  the  money you can make with these kinds  of  high-level
        research  capabilities  and resources under you  control.   Youll
        learn  how to publish and market your findings on  virtually  any
        subject  in  high-volume  distribution  formats,  such  as  high-
        compression  computer  diskettes and even your own  CD-ROMs,  You
        really  can  do it! And, the profit possibilities  are  mind-bog-

        Or , if you prefer, you can release your confidential reports  in
        encrypted  form for the eyes of your private clients only,  using
        Super-Spy Crypto-software so powerful, that the CIA admits it  is
        unbreakable, and has forbidden it to be exported, to keep it  out
        of the hands of foreign operatives. Learn how you can download an
        authentic copy of it off the mainframe at  MIT!

        While  your automatic web-watchers are at work, there's time  for
        high-tech  fun, too! The computerized replacement  for  shortwave
        radio  will  amaze  you. It is now possible to  listen  to  radio
        broadcasts  from  thousands of miles away directly  through  your
        computer's  sound  card.  Even save and edit broadcasts  on  your
        computer  hard disk, or create and transmit  broadcasts  yourself
        directly  over the Internet to potential listeners all  over  the
        world.  Or,  chat  with listeners on  five  different  continents
        simultaneously. It's all doable, now.

        There's  more.  Altogether, you'll  learn how to  legally  access
        and  use  more than a million dollars worth  of  software...FREE,
        including  the latest state-of-the-art programs that haven't  yet
        been released in stores.

        As impressive as all this is, new developments are being added to
        the  list every day.  Imagine being able to  bypass  conventional
        long  distance companies and literally talk with people all  over
        the world, using your computer's sound card and pay ZERO in  long
        distance  charges.  This isn't someday technology. You can do  it
        right now!

        Stay in constant communication with friends, clients and business
        associates anywhere on the planet, and pay nothing for the privi-
        lege.   It's a little like owning your own phone company!   Learn
        where to get a free beta version of the not-yet-released software

        Best  of  all,  once you've performed a few  of  these  seemingly
        amazing computer marvels yourself, you'll learn how you can share
        this knowledge and experience with others, for even more  profit,
        by becoming a highly-paid consultant.

        The  latest  computer technology is changing  the  world...again.
        And,  those who are among the first to understand and  capitalize
        on  the new stuff have the opportunity for incredible profit,  as
        you can see from just a few of these examples.

        Don't be left behind, when you can use Dr. Dan Lee Dimke's power-
        ful,  step-by-step, information-packed presentation  to  catapult
        yourself  into  the master control room of the  Information  Age.
        Order your copy of How to Make Money with Your Personal  Computer
        on two, extended play, audiocassettes right now.

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                             2319 N. 45th. St. #148
                                Seattle, WA 98103

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