INTO A MONEY-MACHINE!

        It's  true! Your boombox or dual-cassette deck can do  more  than
        play  your favorite tapes.  It can make a lot of money  for  you,
        almost  automatically.   Be  warned, however,  that  once  you've
        learned this remarkably easy way to earn income, you may have  to
        get  over the guilt or the shock reaction that many people  have.
        "Money  shouldn't be this easy to make", is the most common  ini-
        tial response.  But, it is, and you'll adjust quickly.

        This  money-generating system is completely legal in most of  the
        countries of the world, including the United States, Canada,  the
        United  Kingdom, Germany, France, all of Scandinavia,  Italy  and
        most  of  the rest of Europe, Australia, New  Zealand,  Malaysia,
        Singapore,  Hong  Kong,  Japan, South Korea, and  most  of  Asia,
        Africa and Latin America, even the former Soviet Republics.

        In  most places, this business isn't even  considered  controver-
        sial.  In  fact, the chances are very good that,  if  you  follow
        these instructions carefully, you will discover that many organi-
        zations in your community, including churches, schools, and youth
        groups,  will  often be eager to actually help you  promote  your
        business and help you become even more successful.

        Another  exciting aspect of the boombox business is that you  can
        use  it  anywhere, at home, at work, while driving  or  commuting
        (using  a  cigarette lighter power adapter), while  on  vacation,
        even while sleeping, if you wish.  It requires as little as 15 to
        30 minutes of actual work per day. So, it's easy to find the time
        for it.

        Best  of all, there is probably nothing about this business  that
        you won't like. Everything you'll be doing is either pleasant  or
        nearly effortless. For example, you won't need to phone people or
        knock on their doors, trying to sell them anything. There are  no
        meetings to attend, no paperwork to fill out, no risk, no invest-
        ment, no obligations, no commitments.

        Also,   even  though there is a boombox involved,  this  business
        doesn't  make any noise, which really surprises most people  when
        they  first  hear about it.  The whole  operation  is  completely
        silent  99% to 100% of the time.  So, you can even  operate  this
        business  while  working at a full time job without  anyone  else
        hearing or even realizing what you are doing.

        It's  just  about the ideal home business. It has only  one  real
        limitation. The maximum you can realistically expect to earn with
        a  single boombox is about US$250 per day.  Thats about  #160  or
        $330  Canadian  or Australian. However, there  are  several  ways
        around this income barrier.  First, there is no limit on how many
        boomboxes  you  may operate at once.  (Most people can  learn  to
        operate  several  with little difficulty). There is also no  rule
        that says you cant get other people to help you as your  business
        grows. Anyone with a boombox could start working for you  immedi-
        ately,  after  just  a few minutes of training,  since  no  other
        equipment  is required. Put your entire neighborhood to  work  if
        you  wish, to really unleash the income-generating power of  this
        amazing system.

        Your  complete  satisfaction  with How to Make  Money  with  Your
        Boombox is fully guaranteed.  (The title may seem a little silly,
        but the profit potential is completely serious.) In fact, if  you
        would  part  with this program after a full  14-day  Free  Trial,
        please  return  it in clean, saleable condition  to  the  address
        below for a cheerful refund of the full purchase price.

        You've never seen anything like it  a business that can earn back
        its  cost the first time you use it. Order your copy of the  pro-
        gram,  today,  and discover the amazing things that How  to  Make
        Money with Your Boombox can do for your personal income.

        Money  with  Your  Boombox, by Ddn Lee Dimke,  on  extended  play
        audio-cassette, send US$29.95 (plus US$3.00 postage and  handling
        for FIRST CLASS delivery) to:

                                 R. Bruce Milne
                             2319 N. 45th. St. #148
                                Seattle, WA 98103

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